Who doesn’t love a good fort? The first visit down to “our” beach we noticed several wicked driftwood forts, lining the shore. Turns out these were the hard loving labour of the summer resident kids. We have super-awesome friendly Campbell River locals that come up on weekends on either side of us and rarely in the winter. During the gale-force storm of a few weeks ago, all of the forts were washed away, some up off the beach and onto front porches (I exaggerate slightly but not much). I’m pleased to announce that today – through the Spring-is-here-newly-opened-windows times.. I heard the laughter and bickering of 4 kids reconstructing the first of many forts in the hood. I like to leave surprises that i find at the beach in their forts for when they arrive in good weather.

Here’s my little friend Cole Knudsen posing in front of a neighbour’s fort, on his first of what I hope will be many sleepovers on Quadra.

Lately I’ve been craving building an indoor sheet fort. When is the last time you built a fort?


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