It was a 4 tennis ball kind of beachcombing day!

Total SCORE for Amos. It was a 4 tennis ball kind of beachcombing day!

Amos’s commitment to his red squeaky half decayed KONG (that his grandpa mailed him) was strong – but he managed to love each ball as he found them. It was a glorious beach walken day.

Corey was at camp in Klemtu and the pup’n’me were enjoying another  unemployed walk among the driftwood. As we walked, I was inspired by Amos, in the winter of his life as well as the Julie & Julia movie. Though I am certain I couldn’t follow recipes for a year (I can barely agree to follow the structure of ONE recipe or pattern), I do feel that I can create a blog to share my beach adventures.

It will motivate me to get out every day, learn MAC technology and give Amos his needed beachlove times. Many of my Rockies friends listened to me bitch about missing the ocean and hating shovelling. Here is venue for expressing my love for the ocean, my dog and crafting up new stories for found beach objects. Since this entry, there was even a 12 tennis ball kind of day ~ with other treasures that Corey found and I will post!

Our yard was starting to look a little beachcombed Sanford & Son, so for Valentine’s Day, Amos left a big bag of balls for his dog neighbour friend. Ah, for the love of Zeus between the fence slats!

~love the mermaid (& Amos snoring on his chaise lounge by the woodstove as I type this)


((this entry like a few to come are stock entries, written previous ~pending my committment to a blog appearance))


One comment on “It was a 4 tennis ball kind of beachcombing day!

  1. NeWT is panting in jealousy at the thought of all those wayward tennis balls! She has lost at least 12 in the snow this winter alone!!

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