catch of the day…

Yesterday was an another wicked day to be Canadian. I’m not a super huge fan of the Olympics so I’m celebrating Canada in the way that we know how – outside & listening to more gordon Lightfoot, than usual.

So yesterday, I was in a kayak in the complete mist, by 10am. Corey was diving under my kayak with all his gear on and bringing me up living gifts. It was romantically misty with zero visibility in any direction, minutes out. I was actually a bit freaked out at times.

There was a massive loon about 2 kayak lengths ahead of me and nothing else. I was so low in the water that it seemed the size of a horse. I thought of Shannon and the loon’s nest with babies that we saw when she towed me on the pink air mattress in the heat, from my canoe. That day last summer, that we got drunk and went canoeing on Rosen Lake ~in the Rockies. (was that the right name Shannon?) – the day of my surprise going away party that I showed up to.. loaded. And none of you warned me.

classic Canada.

Back to the ocean – Corey disappeared under the sea for a while and it was me and a seal hanging out. He flirted with me and sneezed water in my general direction. I couldn’t see anything beyond the kayak. Spooky, super quiet and awesome.  Later in the day, Corey went out fishing ~see photo above. He caught 2 rock cod, which I am watching him prepare with panko crumbs, in the kitchen as I type this &  pretend not to be watching the Canadian play Olympic hockey.


One comment on “catch of the day…

  1. I think I could even forgo the Olympic
    hockey game, if I could spend a few hours
    in the solitude of fishing in those waters.
    All that and your own personal diver!

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