TSUNAMI warning!

I bet the Chileans didn’t think an 8.8 would actually happen to them.. neither do we, really. That said- today’s Tsunami warning for coastal BC is a bit of an eye opener  for me, residing at sea level. I’m home from Campbell River now and took Amos down to the beach before any storm arrives. My downstairs neighbour has driven to a friend’s at higher ground. I’m typing this from my warm living room, looking out at grey fog and some white caps forming but nothing major yet.

Here at the house I put together a rubbermaid of emergency supplies in the carport, pet supplies and have extra water ready.  I joined the local volunteer team of Emergency Social Services (geeky, i know). I’m doing emotional response for any disasters / trauma on island.

Corey, however,  is in a floathouse on the ocean near Klemtu, BC – near Haida Gwaii, for another day. He is diving, doing abalone surveys. The biggest waves are supposed to hit there today from 3-6pm. Love you handsome, get home safe. haida gwaii newspaper info on Tsunami wave expectations.

My Love to the Chilean families


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