the eagle

It’s because I’m sitting too close isn’t it?
6 sets of eagle thighs vs. one of mine. I’ve been working out but I’m pretty sure an eagle could take me out. It also occurs to me that I could have left the dead fish heads at low tide.
The tide coming in is just washing dead fish heads closer to me.
What I do to get the right shot. I’m doing my part to further domesticate the endangered balde eagle of northern coastal British Columbia. wink.
Heading into hour two of Fish Head Eagle Photo Shoot and still no fantastic shot. The wind is SE today at 40 km, they are not landing and I’m getting cold.
I want “the” shot. Not just another overdigitized, cropped in, then over digitized eagle shot, on macro with a 320mm zoom lens.
Here’s a slideshow with a few that I like. *enjoy*


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