granite bay adventures!

Beachcombing today took us up to Granite Bay on Quadra. We drove approx half an hour North on half paved ~mostly logging roads. We found some AWESOME oceanside. We explored the Walcan Fish Processing Plant and area. Then up to Granite Bay, we explored. There is a campsite, lots of wildlife – including  several really bushed cabins with full time residents… and shipwrecks. We had a picnic on adirondack chairs, in the company of a huge white goose, Canadian geese and other birdfriends. Corey did a fun dive off the government wharf  & I took a few hundred photos, as per usual. There was partial sun after that couple crazy days of storms!

I’m quite certain I’ve chosen the right guy ~ smart, adventurous, silly as all beit and we make each giggle (him) & snort (me) a LOT. We also both love dashboard hula people and times that require rubber boots.  There were several clearcuts and newly planted blocks.. BOO. Quadra is no different than other coastal rainforest logging meccas, in that there’s a buffer of lovely trees  hiding the cuts but providing excellent exploring roads. {{Corey, the Audio Visual Captain of this household – tho i am a close second.. wink* ~helped me today to understand (fingers crossed) the iMovie program and how to EXPORT and change file types so that i can post video here. Watch for SEVERAL movie uploads to come as he leaves for camp tomorrow}}.. but sadly wordpress makes you post them to iTunes first – so the site remains free.

This video was taken on the drive home, just an average view of the side of the road.                                                                         *enjoy* Happy Easter weekend.

Love the mermaid


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