The annual Quadra Island Beach Clean Up is THIS Sunday! Sierra club sponsored, huge annual event. Saving the ocean animals and tourism ( wink* )  with plastics pick up sites around the island, free garage bags and treats for beachcombing families, after at Rebecca Spit Provincial park!             How exciting. These are my people.             Though Corey and I do massive amounts of beach clean up every day / week, this is pretty cool. I’ve got a pile in the yard to contribute, we left piles on the Kay Dubois trail near our place, when Corey and I went hiking last weekend and I will be out there with Amos tomorrow. Who is with me?

***See other posts for beachcombing treasures found last week. I’ve been frustrated trying tot get the PollDaddy related to this wordpress site up and running to post treasures for your guesses, to no avail. I’ll try harder when the storm comes and i’m inside for a few days.

Beach Clean Up I Heart You.


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