Found Object Earth Day Greenhouse !

I’m building, all by myself (but I know I’ll ask Corey to problem solve when he gets home next week)… a greenhouse. My ugly porch seedling starter was a success on trial three so I’m upgrading to oceanside. I’m building it with found driftwood, cedar wood from behind the shed, extra plastic from Corey’s boat projects. Haven’t found any windows for free on Quadra or at the habitat store in Cr but will replace the plastic gradually when I find some. I’ve busted 2 drill bits so far and changed from screw to other screws to nails. I made a true laughing friend with the Scottish guy @ HomeDepot this week. Well, the sun is out for more than 6 seconds so i best get oceanside with rubber boots and keep at it. A storm is supposed to be by tonight & I don’t want a folding card house.

seedling start on porch, attempt 3

the raw ground bordering next property, oceanside

initial frame of found objects, day one. Built with no saw, sunshine, Earth Day love and a couple great tequila sunrises.

~love the greenthumb mermaid, Jen


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