the little greenhouse and THE SWIMMER

and so here is the progress at the end of today. I got to stop and have a picnic  of  bree & raincoast crisps & salmon (yum yum and yum) during the day and have some overdue girly convo’s with Sharon & Kate. Lovely ladies, lovely.

I was in the company of many many crows today. I listened to a great CBC program on Crows yesterday (on Ideas if you love crows ~Kate~ and are madly googling). Today they are all I noticed. Making nests, calling, fighting, busy bee’ing around my head and trying to steal Amos’ kibbles.

the almost final stages of construction. wind is no friend when framing plastic.

As well today – there was the return of


There is a rare and exciting creature that swims past our house on occasion. I am almost always looking out for whales so ~Today he was photographed for your viewing pleasure. It’s actually a local, retired, doctor that lives at the end of my road. As local folklore has it, he won a swimming race fundraiser from Quadra Island to Cortez Island… stay tuned for more video footage capturing the allusive ~THE SWIMMER (said in best vintage sci fi voice).


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