greenhouse out of control

the greenhouse!

well, I come by my green thumb naturally. My mom is a huge gardener. So I’ve been mindful of just how easily is to drop tons of cash on so many interesting things to grow. It’s so super fun to grow stuff. Mostly because I have no clue what I’m doing. I’ve dabbled a bit and have success with house plants & the odd herb. After getting the roof on and seeds in.. everything tripled in 3 days! Average temp=33 degrees and humidity has been huge at 80%. Now that the rain has come back, i’ve got a flourescent light 10 hours in there.

So here’s the finished greenhouse photo (for Pam Lacey and others that have been asking..)- cost:less than $100. Driftwood with no saw, screws, nails, a hinge, cedar wood from the side of the house, plastic from Corey’s boat and extra bought at Home Depot for $23. A Gnome at the door and we are growing. Tomatoes, beans, peppers, parsley, 5 kinds basil, cactus, transplanted saves of Ivy houseplants, cilantro, stevia, swiss chard, awesome lettuce, peas, some flowers found at the side of the road after a local garage sale. Hugging the greenhouse outside ~ some found purple flower plant, three kinds of squash. And that’s just the start…..


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