So many plants have gone ninety in the yard and the greenhouse! I find myself on youtube or instructables looking at videos of what to do with stuff. So I’ve added a helpful gem here.

and then there is Richard. A chef in Ireland and his passions for Rhubarb.

So.. Rhubarb? I don’t even like the stuff. Corey loves pretty much anything that involves sugar, so he’ll eat it. We’ve got a huge aging bush below our window so I investigated further. It looked kind of old so I picked several stems. Turns out the leaves are poisonous!? But the stems are SUPER nutritional – full of vitamins. So I cut up the stems and froze them in chunks for smoothies. Corey makes us killer healthy smoothies every day with greens +.  After three days, it has doubled again! awesome.


4 comments on “Rhubarb?

  1. i could maybe pull that off, thanks kate.

    what have you got for pears? those will and cherries will be the issue for September with three trees full. We are still eating canned pears from last year and I can’t eat another. I’m thinking CIDER or cherry vodka?

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