I just put Catmint (nip) in my coffee instead of Stevia. I need to develop a plant drying organization system.


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  1. Well I suppose anything is possible.
    But no, it is not the BC Bud. That has to be in the ground from April To October & I couldn’t committ. Though for SURE it’s the most enjoyable plant to grow, at times growing 2 inches a day & really pretty. And special finish.
    I’m sticking to Stevia instead. You should google it & get some for coffee etc.
    Love you Dad.

  2. oh daddsy, I suppose anything is possible to roll. The BC Bud to which you refer needs to be in the ground April-October, so I couldn’t commit. It’s the best plant to grow -somedays growing 2 inches a day, gorgeous and special finish.

    I’m growing Stevia for the first time. You should google it. Then go get some for your coffee etc.
    love jen

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