raining.. go outside

So I’m not supposed to bitch about the rainy weather because my Kootenay friends were shovelling in May. Thank goddess for date  7  Uhaul!  I’m so glad I moved back to the coast but seriously? 3 weeks of solid rain and the dark? Too much. We even scored a month away to Hawaii this winter, missing  some of the dark season…… but I just about snapped last week.

So… Amos got off his chaise and insisted we deal with our cabin fever.

I rubber booted and skirted up and we headed down to the beach…. in the pouring rain. Soak your underwear wet. There we were.. my glasses were so salty I could barely see out of them and I tripped over a sunbleached, empty bag of Famous Amos Cookies. And not a meter away, an eagle feather.  I found three feathers during those three weeks. And each time, I gasp. Our plate cupboard seems the only safe storage from the cats.  And the cookie package was FULL of maggots! In the 2 minutes it took to put the package on the counter to photograph it, maggots  covered my counter. But I digress. It was a fantastic time for eagle feathers. I’m glad the eagles have returned….AND THE SUN.

stock photo from one found in winter. The last one I found was the size of my entire arm.

I like this.


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