iPhone love. I mean… Greenhouse love

this posting is a real time nerd out from my greenhouse…

All done on my iPhone. I’m like a flippen MAC girl commercial. (why aren’t MAC commercials girls, anyway? That’s my only beef).

Photos taken on iphone and uploaded to the BLOG, while balancing a cider on the hammock beside me.

The greenhouse is a bigger story but here’s me, taken moments ago while sewing a second batch of lettuce and beans. It’s great to plant during a fullmoon, I think?


update to my update- attempts to nerd out actually failed! There was no “upload photos” feature when using the iPhone in Safari for the BLOG. And the touch pad was impossibly small.
So I saved the post as a draft.
Then, wouldn’t you know it, today, I see a new “download iOS wordpress” app at bottom of screen. Further investigation… It’s an app that addresses this! So 3 secs of downloading and I’m typing this post from the iPhone (from my bed). Lord knows what it will look like published and there are still no font or colour options. But nerdy, yes.


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