The inspiration book

Today’s posting is brought to you from the car deck of the ferry. Sunny & gorgeous day to head to Courtenay for 2 work going away lunches. Nudge- which means more room for clients in my practice.

This inspiration book is a HUGE older journal that I’ve used for 10 years +. Its super heavy. Kitten is in the photo for scaling purposes but comes free with art purchase. I cut n paste mag / book / art card images and print colour photos from a huge folder of online art thumbnails that I collect over time. Sketches & ideas for projects!
(update on wordpress iPhone app= great, other than no edit photo option to rotate! Or I haven’t found it).



3 comments on “The inspiration book

  1. My goodness, love this! I also have one, but use cutouts from magazines or screen shots of the internet. Never occurred to me to create a journal out of my “ideas” list. Thanks for the inspiration!

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