chocolate covered bacon.

Since returning to the coast.. love you Jackie and Aren and husbands…I have taken some razing recently from old friends, regarding my new found love of MEAT!

Today’s Dress A Day post hit it out of the park with not only an awesome dress upcycle but she attended a party with a chocolate fountain and posted photos of chocolate covered bacon. c’moooon! fantastic idea.

check out her site if you haven’t, it’s very inspirational for lovers of thrift dresses.

then I found this:


3 comments on “chocolate covered bacon.

  1. YUM. I do remember doing that ~ in fact, i had one last week!
    We are about to get back to serious workouts and no “white” foods so pass the bacon. I also recall microwaving peanut and balogne (spell?) on toast when I was little.

  2. Interesting! I just saw a Dinner Impossible where the chef created Gourmet Boardwalk food for staff members. He created something similar and also added chopped almonds! Never tried the chocolate bacon, but I’ve got to now. 🙂

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