Quadra Island garage sale SCORES!! Happy Johnny Cash Day !

It’s naptime by the fire, with Salal. After attending a really huge, kick ass, annual, by donation ~ garage sale at the Rec Centre today (sponsoring a pre-school in the Phillipines) & some serious domestic stuff.. I’m pooped. There were hundreds of people there. If you know where we live.. That’s a lotta folks. I was not the only girl in rubber boots & a skirt.
We scored:
~pottery mugs (yeah Kate)
~a Peter Paul & Mary lp I didn’t have
~a big box of costume 80s jewels (yeah clip on plastic earrings),
~a couple Scotish mohair scarves & 2 from India,
~a cable knit traditional cream cardigan adorned with deer bone buttons
~a gorgeous silk muummu that I intend to make into a sundress (I’m not giving up on summer yet)
~Corey got a chainsaw.
All in all, a really local, creative day.

I put homemade Snapper dogbones in a jar for the downstairs neighbours Jack Russell that moves in tonight!



5 comments on “Quadra Island garage sale SCORES!! Happy Johnny Cash Day !

  1. Corey caught two more ling cod out front, kayaking this aft!
    The Russell- Jacks is a mix breed but sweet. He loved the cookies but Amos sort of bit his owner when she shared them… bad dog.

  2. Yes, I’m with your dad on this one….Salal looks a little tipsy.

    Nice work on the garage sale finds! Looking forward to a coffee in one….

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