madmen beautiful womyn

Well for someone that has never really been a cable person (I’m a CRAFTY person!) ~ I find myself really loving the whole PVR thing. That and the 50 inch TV and other tech bobbles, that the fiance successfully nudged us into getting (nudge nudge.. he IS pretty cute).

I can’t for the life of me remember when shows are on but I do love the odd shows like MADMEN, GLEE (don’t deny yourself this show), HUNG, lately TLC wedding Friday nights. I’m pleasantly surprised at Hoarders and Obsessed, though terribly American and staged. So, the PVR is wicked. Also for taping movies on IFC and HBO, in HighDef of course. Most of these terms are new to me as well. Don’t get me started on the PS3 game thing. Though a girl does love her FOOFLES (best game ever= Happy Big Planet – did I say it right Corey? lol ~new edition out soon! ).

So lately anything on HBO HD has been pretty great but the best show going in my feminist opinion is MADMEN on AMC. I think it’s in season 3 and you can watch previous episodes for free on the AMC website to get all caught up. But you could really just start watching now. It’s won all the awards blahblah. Last week was an outstanding  peek at the pre-women’s movement when womyn were oppressed as much as Black folks were in the workforce. Peggy argued, even more so. And the hot redhead finally slept with Roger Sterling. C’mooooon. Everybody loves a hot redhead.

I love the style of this show. The clothes, especially all the furnishings.  There was that  facebook app for creating your own avatar (profile type photo)


and now this !

Winter storm weather is now here so less TV and more


(other than Sunday nights on HBO)


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