Clothing Optional Facility

warming the cabin!

I didn’t want the bloggers that read this to think I was neglectful last week .. there are LOTS of you lately.. keep commenting..I LOVE it!

WE MOVED! Internet is up but my cel seems to be not receiving at ALL. The Inernet dude was deeply disappointed when I came to the door to stop Amos barking ~ wearing my toque, polypro and chords. He said he only installs internet for clothing optional cabins. We are settling nicely into a REALLY cool littler (and cheaper! and more private!)  cabin near the ocean. Lots of unpacking, cleaning and cleaning to do. Did I mention cleaning? I’m ripping out bathroom carpet this aft (yes Corey, you read correctly). And yes, the rest of you read that correctly.. carpet in a bathroom in a 70’s wood cabin. yippee yuck. Day four and I have yet to shower ~Corey filled our portable  hot tub before we unpacked a fork ~but I fear before work tomorrow I best workshop my hygiene.

It’s been a Make Something Everyday creative week with our Wedding Invitations having gone out last week! Details and photos in a couple weeks after arrivals. And of course the art of unpacking and decorating a new place keeps me pretty excited. I’ll post lots this weekend.

BIG HUGS and a shout out to my family Matriarch Eliz (technically my cousin? or my dad’s cousin) ~as I have been email neglectful and thinking of her. HI ELIZ & LLYOD! xo I’ll email soon. BUt read lower blogs for the general gist of my busynesses! xo

Thanks again to the readers..whoever you are (including my daddsy), out in the interweb land.

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