blogging break amidst the unpack

HUGs to Paula in K-town over this full moon time, who I now know reads my blog rants!

I’m just taking a break from unpacking. While I’m editing a video vlog (dad… a vlog= video blog entry usually posted on youtube), I thought I’d change up my theme and post the larger painting that the header photo came from. It’s one of my fav pieces from Art Therapy School and I had it posted on a red wall when I lived in Kimberley, in that heritage place with the hot tub, on Howard. You all remember the “one”.

Anyway, changed the theme in an effort to make wordpress work for me but I  find it limiting or it could just be my web skills are limited. I wanted a menu for choosing “ferry happenings” or “videos” etc but all I get are catagories and the same thin column format. I digress.


2 comments on “blogging break amidst the unpack

  1. I am now totally willing to admit that I am not only confused, but totally
    in the dark as to the method of blogging and how to master being completely
    lost in the seemingly endless maze of unanswered queries as to how the system
    actually functions. Whatever happened to VIC-20?

  2. oh I LOVED that computer. with the cassetes to save your work and the dial thing. awesome. And frogger. Oh Dad. what’s the confusion?
    How’s your cold?
    love me

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