With the arrival of fall and a mounting number of “count downs” in our lives

– days to Mexico wedding, days to Alberta reception, days to honeymoon,

days to lose weight for wedding dress, reception AND honeymoon….

lol, we decided to cancel our cable.

Yup, we’ve been a cable-free for over a week and it’s great. More savings for honeymoon in Europe, next fall! More time for OTHER. More time to Make Something Every Day. Pretty much anything I might have wanted to watch is online anyway and this PS3 thing streams movies / internet onto Corey’s massive TV, for FREE. Speaking of FREE, we thought we’d try out Netflicks. It’s free for a month and 7.99 after. Well, the commercials say “thousands of direct streamed movies” … yet in Canada we have discovered, it’s more like “hundreds”, few from after 2009 and most major hits are not on there. Not even old Harry Potters or Twilights. I guess it has to do with Canadian content laws. Bugger that.  It is pretty cool that it’s instantly available and in HD. What IS on there are some great foreign and Indy flicks. Including HI HOW ARE YOU? The awesome Daniel Johnston movie about the musician / artist who uses Art to manage and express his Manic Depression.

GREAT flick / love his outsider art.




4 comments on “HI, HOW ARE YOU

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  2. Glad to hear the cable cancellation is working out. Also happy to know in advance that maybe I shouldn’t bother with NetFlicks since it sounds a bit weak.

    • Yuh! It’s worth the free month to check it out and maybe 7.99 for one month after, through the Internet. I would say forget it if you’re getting the DVDs in the mail.

      Last night we had spa times and read my hard cover copy of ET to one another instead. It’s working out nicely, Tamara! That said, he’s back in camp and I’ll miss HBO. Maybe I’ll hit up the library? Lol.

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