Is there a NEWT in YOUR compost?

our new COMPOSTER!

the back corner of the yard!

New cabin means new systems. It’s no secret that one of my fav systems is compost. We have been eating pretty healthy  and recycling and reusing etc.  Quadra is an island of zero-tolerance for plastic bags and we are charged four dollars a bag for garbage (and have to go the laundry mat to purchase stickers for them). The recycling on island is limited so we are pretty much making friends with salad and home cooking. And so ~we built a compost this past weekend. Corey did most of the work and got to use his CHAINSAW,  but I helped.  I had a looky-loo online to see what I didn’t already know about styles, methods, what not to use etc. We have a cabin floor COVERED in mini pine needles, even after vacuuming. Pine needles apparently are toxic in compost!? So it won’t be a compost as much for yard scraps as food. And yes, the green building is a chicken coop..but we are not going there.

We didn’t purchase anything to make it, just used around the yard scraps. There were a ton and our firepit is getting huge for whenever it stops raining enough to have a burn. While building the structure we had a very pleasant surprise guest! A Newt! YES! Corey spotted the brown backed, orange bellied fella chewing on some lettuce. Wicked cool. I haven’t played with newts since working at Camp Thunderbird in Sooke, BC years ago. They have them on Quadra and I recall reading a article about the annual Newt road crossing. People have to wear gloves to remove them from the road, as they are poisonous to touch!  Now I’m super stoked about composting!



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