the lobster hutch

An awesome package arrived from the south shore of the Scotia a couple weeks ago ~thanks Kate! As well, her fbk status suggests that it’s lobster fishing season for her local friends and family. Which got me to thinking about all the lobster paraphernalia just in this cabin. Here are a few gems.

Corey uses this plate for the BBQ.

I REALLY loved this movie. And this scene, click on above.. about her cooking lobsters was pretty adorable.

I’ve never and will never eat lobster. But I totally eat steak when it’s “ladies times*”. More for everyone else! I recall going to the Red Lobster restaurant in London, Ontario, as a kid. It had a larger than life, GIANT red lobster affixed to the roof and live lobsters in aquariums. The live ones always upset me. So eventually, I move to Nova Scotia, only to find out that lobsters are not red. They turn red after cooking. I have been the brunt of a few lobster tales. But I DIG the bricka brach. (how was my spelling on that Kate?)

dog lobster toy as the star on our xmas tree in Kimberley.. with Kate visiting.

recent bottle opener key chain from kate (arrived day after I locked myself out of work) and fridge magnets from packages over the years


vintage lobster w butt rhinestones. c'mooon!

lobster squeezy dog toys & the cat wind-up lobster toy

from my postcard collection

which then got me to thinking about this guy and how much I dig his artist statement.

which then got me to thinking about my fav sticker, ever…

Safe lobster season to all and to all a good night.



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