where did I put my glasses?


It’s been a week and a half since my lasik eye surgery. It was totally awesome. Dr. Joe King in Victoria. Run to the hills, tell the people. It’s totally worth it. Honestly, it was a  super freaky  45 seconds. I took the Adavan, for sure. The suction cup to the eye WAS awkward. I could see right away though and am now done with drops! 5 follow up ap’ts in the next year in CR. Corey took great care of me. He spoiled me in Victoria with Pag’s dinner, Harry Potter, shopping etc. I woke up to empty pizza containers and orange pop.

Today I gathered up all of the glasses and sunglasses I’ve been lugging from move to move. I considered to take a therapeutic hammer and photoshoot to the lot but instead ziploc’ed them up. I’ll  take them to my next Optomotrist visit, then they will  go to developing countries. (I always wondered who filled those boxes).


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