Salal and the ferns

So… I thought it would be crafty and easy for me to make Xmas wreaths from the yard. It’s so super lush and green here. Sword ferns are my fav and grow up to our ears. Cedar trees everywhere! After hiking with Amos for almost 2 hours we began to realize that the nearest cedar branch was 40 feet up. So we went with making Salal Berry wreaths (cat named after this plant). Initially the Salal looked amazing.. see photo two.. but after a week at work hanging on the door, it totally dried out. Well, I tried. There are holly plants on the property as well, so maybe I will try again for another Xmas craft installation, if the rain EVER stops.

We also (Corey) cut an Xmas tree which is depositing some serious pine needles in our carpet as I type this. We strung popcorn and cranberries together. Time well spent and a very odd, under-dressed tree so far ~as we are both new at having our own live tree to decorate! I did mange to save some ornaments from Hawaii last year, that were gifted and made so we have a start to our own collection for years to come.



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