Port & Wine

Next time we make hootch, we’ll get the equipment and do it from home.We have been shopping for a u-brew that we like in Campbell. still no luck. This latest one didn’t even have wine tasting & cheese. Imagine. smerk*. I made it regularily on Haida Gwaii. In fact, I ruined a bathtub making my 2nd place ribbon at the Fall Fair ~ homemade blackberry wine.

We bottled a house white Gwertzraminer.  We also (and when I say “we” I mean Corey and I  went in, chose the hootch, gave the nice lady our money and I went back and bottled it this week)… WE also  made a PORT. yum Port. A  bit pricier and an extra 2 weeks to make. Ideally it requires an  extra year to age but that never happens. This special brew always gets an extra filtration before they bottle ~so post filter and pre-bottle, I add in a 250ml of Apricot Brandy! This gives it a fruit finish. This time, I added one of those AND a 250ml of Mango Brandy. The fruityness and booze level is mucho high. Drop in at the cabin for a tasting. Mi casa est su casa.

One week officially until we leave for  our wedding in Mexico!



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