a Valentine’s love hate relationship (with my glue gun)

I love you glue gun. I love you so. But why must you ALWAYS burn me so?    Today was a power outage on / off storm by the ocean. I packed the woodstove then got down to crafting, then wine drinking and more hot glue gunnin’.  A dangerous combo. This morning, while skyping the daddsy,  I officially mastered the cup of espresso. Mi esposso and me got a new machine as a wedding present (last week, validations still accepted!). I’ve never made it so I have been hopped up on caffeine for a couple days, working the magic. Yes, the coffee in the photo is called “3 peckered billy goat”, also a wedding gift from California. As well, before I lost power this am,  I managed to bake some gluten-free cornbread muffins with niblets. If I do say so “yum”.

I spent the later afternoon enjoying some homebrew and ripping apart an entire basket of family donated, garage-saled and thrift stored vintage earrings. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages. I’m into upcycling these days ~ it’s all the rage with the enviro-kids these days (lol). I gave knecklaces a try. What do you think? I’d wear a chunkier ribbon with it. Tacky, I know.




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