needle phobe and heavy chemicals

Today I sewed together some awesome scraps of coloured deer hide that I had hanging around the craftroom. I was motivated to make a wrist cuff but the initial feedback from the guy doing his taxes behind me in the rumpus room (& my quick agreement) was that it was a little too renaissance So having been inspired by others on this site, I made a needle book for my sewing needles.  It’s pretty fun ~with an amber necklace upcycle closure. And who doesn’t love to use pinking shears.

Earlier in the day, chemicals were used (possibly consumed through my skin) today in order to take off my wedding gel-nails. Mi esposso grabbed me a bottle of Acetone from the Canadian Tire. We laughed watching a few youtube videos about self gel nail removal from all sorts of girls, possibly named “Shiffonda… down at the shop”. It was crazy ~but they all suggested soaking cotton balls in the harsh chemical, placing them on each nail and covering each finger in  tin foil contraptions. I did such a thing while watching TV and about an hour later the fakeness was gone, much easier to stack wood now! 


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