hello Spring, we love you.

I saw two eagles make the love this week. It was loud and violent and awesome.

SPRING! At last. Hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying SPRING in it’s official capacity! Living in the wilds, here on Quadra, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing several of the tell tale signs. Late last night, Corey took me out on the deck, in our after-bath robes and smooched me under that huge full moon. Apparently the biggest one of the year and the biggest tides of the year. He also had me stop talking and listen to the new sound of the tree frogs! I was sure it was a siren of some sort as they were sooo loud!  It’s as if they and 3 more species of birds sprung to life in our yard, in one day. I was starting to wonder if my wild bird seed and black sunflower were going to mold due to rain. The daffodils are a foot high, sprinkled all over the gardens. So we spent all day yesterday raking pine cones, needles and other stuff off paths and I cleaned out all the garden beds. I pulled out my fav piece of patio furniture (wicker IKEA lounger Craigslist score), just in time for it to start raining again tonight! Corey even rode his bike to the ferry this morning!

ps. my dad says the Hornby eagle live web cam nest has an eagle EGG laid in it now. check it out at http://hornbyeagles.com/webcam.htm



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