beading eagle feathers

I  love beading and beading eagle feathers is a lovely thing to do. I haven’t done it in years but since moving to Quadra and living near the beach, I am one again with the eagles. I recall the hardest part of the cylinder bead style is starting the feather. Then it flows really quickly with one bead at a time, a lovely art therapy metaphor. After a quick google I am reminded to wrap and glue a piece of thin hyde to  the base of the feather before beading. Right! Here we have photos of a quick practice on what I’d like to say is an eagle feather but is more than likely a sea gull feather.  It  came to me during my beach hike, while Corey was diving for Dinner (puget  king crab see last weeks’ entry). The only safe place to store an eagle feather when you have two curious cats is in the kitchen cupboards or now, my underwear drawer, thanks Corey.

Don’t forget to check out the close up live video camera of the eagles taking turns sitting on the one egg in the nest at Hornby island at

The eagles are for sure back in the hood, having seen them mating last week (upsettingly cool) and we keep the windows open, even in storms to hear them squealing all day. Here’s a few recent shots taken from either my bedroom window or the deck. enjoy.














6 comments on “beading eagle feathers

  1. Two eggs??? That eagle has to get off the nest for two seconds so I can confirm this rumour! They never seem to move when I log in.

  2. If you go to the second part of the web-site, they provide
    you with the dates that both eggs were laid and the forecasted
    dates for their hatching.

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