quilts and rifles

Like most artists, I love to research how-to makes and then break all the rules and make whatever I want. It’s a sign of respect to know the media, appreciate it’s roots before destroying the concepts. It’s been rainy and I’ve found this incredible batik material so last weekend, by the woodstove I read a quilting book I got the from the Courtenay thrift store. I then sketched my fav patterns into my massive ideas journal and photo’d these wicked passages for your enjoyment. Since these photos were taken, I have started sewing! the whole interfacing thing will be a mystery and possible game breaker but stay tuned for the final creation.

lost at sea or ships at sea pattern


the crazy quilt pattern












the classic log cabin pattern

the grandmother design

I guess I proved them wrong...




2 comments on “quilts and rifles

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that material!! I would like to do a quilt, one day. My Grandmother used to quilt, before arthritis took her dexterity. I remember her setting up the big quilting frame in the living room-leaving room for little else!
    Maybe a quilt should be my next project…….???!

    • The material came as a quilt “kit”, precut strips from Fabricland in a roll. The frame part looks scary. Can’t I machine quilt all the layers together? I’m thinking of doing a mini starter quilt with a $10 bundle of batik I grabbed at evil Walmart.

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