The Hemnes family

Another successful Ikea trip to port coquitlam! It wouldn’t be a trip to the city if we didn’t eat at amazing restaurants and strap something to the roof! Corey got Fluevogs! I got some gems at true value vintage & Corey commissioned a new bracelet for me @ the Wikinninish gallery, as the ocean took mine in Mexico! I’m so lucky. We ate at Mcd’s (i know right? Lol), Malaysian at Banana Leaf, had fresh croissant, an Indian lunch buffet on Robson, treats at Granville Island market, dinner on the ocean in Cole Harbour (salmon), lovely desserts and wine and a famous Drummond breakfast. Honourable mention to white-spot sweat potatoes fries on the ferry… Laughing.
Signature Swedish meatball & mac n cheese (awesome though not as good as Kate’s) was enjoyed! This time at my fav store, we chose wisely and used gift certificates to bring home a Hemnes wood book shelf. Our first one. Who knew nesting could be so fun!? Of course it monsoon rained then tornado’ed for our drive home and really wavy ferry crossing! Great visit with Corey’s family & city spoiled again. It’s always a bonding experience to put together ikea furnishings.
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