Well good morning sunshine!


Sunshine and wildlife noticings from the deck, FINALLY this morning! I’m workshopping a light sweater over a sundress for my coffee with the puppy dog, but I’m confident that the clouds will burn off this aft! Just in time to dry out some earth and wood so I can work on my new wee greenhouse !

While making coffee this morning ~I noted two things. Well three, if you include the fact that I was up by 8am by choice.

We replaced our deceased after a week (they got the ick) goldfish, with two new ones. Laverne & Chiffonda are female cobra enslers (like Eve Ensler = vagina monologues). They are yellowy, see throughy, cold water, non-goldfish. All this lovely intro aside ~ after 4 days we are down to one. Sigh*. The survivor us Laverne. Maybe it’s a sign that I should return to vegetarianism?

Seconds after the ceremonial flushing, I spotted these two outside the cabin. So quiet and fluffy and peaceful. Amos was 4 meters away and didn’t even budge.


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4 comments on “Well good morning sunshine!

  1. Whatever you do, don’t try to put the deer in an aquarium!

    You seem to have bad luck with aquarium-based pets!
    Although I don’t think deer can get the Ick.

  2. I think it’s break time from fish time, unless they’re in a frying pan. 😉

    I do like baby deer. They’re cute.

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