Flip flops in the Dishwasher


There’s no flip flops in the dishwasher today (breathe Corey…). However, I did use the coffee grinder to chop almonds to go in my carrot ginger soup. The Pyrex cupboard is full of clean containers which means the wedding freezer is virtually empty, for the first time and we can’t have that!
So on this fully sunny, 28 degree day, I decided to crack out the wedding present crockpot! Cleaned, instructions sort of read, I filled her with goodness and set the timer for 6.5 hrs – as per my brief YouTube crockpot search results. Ingredients look great but I may have overfilled it as the veg will liquify. I’ll post an after.
Ingredients organic: Carrots, onion, potato, garlic, ginger, dill seeds from last years garden, bay leaf, lemon juice, soy sauce, can tomatoes, hot sauce, salt and pepper, home made turkey stock and sunshine.
Aside: I’m noticing after receiving all our kitchen wedding presents ~how great our camping cooking gear is this season!
Don’t forget your sunscreen & Make Something Every Day



2 comments on “Flip flops in the Dishwasher

  1. Hi Fiery Goddess….
    I live in Washington state and I’ve been reading your blog for about 4or 5 months now. Thought I’d finally tell you so I can stop feeling like a spy or a stalker! Also so I can finally say to you congratulations on getting married. You looked so pretty and so beautifully happy in the pics you posted.
    I just wanted to stay hi to you, and tell you that I think you have a marvelous life, I envy your adventures on the beach with Amos. I love checking in to see what you are creating or cooking or finding. It’s fun to read. I am in the SE corner of Washington in the desert and wind, so I cannot imagine what it would be like to live in the forest on the ocean. You two seem so cozy together.
    How was that soup anyway? I couldn’t do it without meat!
    Take care of yourselves…I’m sending some mental sunshine your way today…

  2. HI Amy!
    What a lovely response and kind one at that! I feel like I DO have a marvelous life, thanks for saying that !
    Sometimes I flail with my BLOG, wondering if anyone (other than my awesome dad and Kate) read it. I want it to be more interactive so I’m so glad you wrote. Do you have a BLOG I can follow as well?
    Your soup question~ the soup was excellent! AND you must have spoken to my unconscious, because the next day… i made my FIRST every crockpot roast with beer! I’ll post more this week. I’ve got homemade halibut dogbones in the oven and MISO soup on the stove, as I type this.
    Thanks so much for the inspiration!
    Stay warm and Make Something Every Day

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