Wimbledon Miso Soup

(written a couple weeks ago)

Wimbledon Miso soup
Tennis ! First mixed doubled tourney today on Quadra- weather still permitting which may be the humble start to my pro tennis former therapist, career. We may have to put the roof over centre court again. Roddick might need both of my professionsl services now – Poor Roddick losing yesterday. He can go back to USA and cry with his sports illustrated swimsuit model wife.

So before I leave, I’m trying another wedding crockpot experiment_ miso soup. This time ingredients a bit different:
Brown miso
Tons plain garlic
A green onion (in & to garnish)
Tons mushrooms (in & to garnish)
Sea salt & pepper
Lemon juice half cup (didn’t have lemon grass today -boo)
A dolup of Chinese hot sauce (don’t worry Corey I didn’t ruin this one too)
Bay leaves (from our tree)
Cilantro & parsley (from my greenhouse)
Cauliflower (I know, right?)
Turkey stock (home made 1 ziploc)
4 cups water
And start of summer Wimbledon love.

Sauteed garlic & cauli. All in the crockpot on low for 6 hours.
See you after my tennis tourney & local potluck! “go ANDYYYY!”

Update: the miso was decent! Congrats to Djokavic for breaking Nadal’s 6x Wimbledon champion status! I still love you Nadal.

However sad for Nadal… I got a trophy at tonight’s tennis tourney potluck (and my name in the local rag!) and it was  just up the street! I blushed like a beet. Corey came too. He quickly whipped up some rock scallops and garlic butter~ which were a big hit! Really lovely, welcoming Quadra tennis folks. great day, great first tennis matches & great food.
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