Charlie’s Angels, c’mooon!

our coffee table tray. Made by my clients for our wedding and now has my fav girl photos in it!

Cute book, now in my work waiting room.

So there I was reading (I know Kate.. I said READING) this cute girls’ book, while Wimbledon is playing for hours in the background. I’m reading this page and I literally look up and see Billy Jean King in the royal box with Kate and William. She was everything for getting womyn’s tennis more recognized as a profession. That said and all my excitement of Wimbledon aside, I am assured that womyn’s prize money is still not the same as the mens.

Girls Just wanna have fun ~ here’s the only photos I took from our Ladies Weekend up Powell Lake at Aren’s cabin in June. It ‘s so beautiful and peaceful there. Thanks Aren, Jackie and Shelley for a lovely weekend! Shelley was a true Charlie’s Angel, arriving on a float plane and Jackie acing her boat docking was also impressive. yeah girls! HUBBA BUBBA!

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