Craigslist inspirational score



Thank you interweb for bringing beading back. Major Craigslist score under the Arts&Crafts section of Comox valley, online this week. Delivered to my work was a computer box full of sequins, beads of all varieties, gemstones, gold & silver fixings. Cost? $40! Worth? Over $400, most labelled from my fav store in the Victoria market ~ Beadworld! An afternoon today will be spent on the sunny deck organizing old and new beading into containers & brainstorming projects.
This brings back fond memories of being a crafty kid. My dad is a fisherman and was always offering me fishing line, silver bobber thingmes that I used as fixings & findings & he could upgrade his tackle boxes as I needed more containers to organize my beads. Another excuse to hit Canadian tire on a Saturday. I hope I’m always crafty. Love you dad.

Make Something Every Day


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