Basement smells like a hobo Part Deux.


Our cabin being only wood heat, proved lovely for the winter but not helpful for Ubrewing. Previous Blog entry spoke about wine sediment floating on bottling day. This was remedied with a week in the “craft” room with a heater. I waited a week and filtered / racked then repeated before successfully bottling! What we have here is a very crisp, clear, fruity Pinot Grigos. The beer we emptied back into the primary, re-added yeast and put in the heated room. It never reactivated so we threw her out. Not to worry, we will get back it after our next move. I think Corey wants to try beer from scratch (hops and barley instead of a kit).
What WAS positive was that I relocated my Wine Journal! Mom gave it to me when I lived in Powell River. First recipe was Pam & Geoff Redmond’s moon cycle wine (Happy 11th Anniversay you guys). Last entry in the book (before entering today’s wine) was 10 years ago in Tlell, Haida Gwaii, BC. While living with Kate & Janet, I was making Salal Berry wine ~staining our bath tub & entering it in the fall fair. The same berries and year I got my cat & named him “Salal”.
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