Filberg Top Five




I couldn’t figure out how to seperate these photos after dopwnloading them so we explore #4 & #5 together. lol.

Filberg Top Five #4: Talia designs. By FARRR the best designer clothing I saw at the festival. My sister in law got a few GREAT scores from this womyn. Apparently she is a huge hit every year. From Vancouver, she designs unique, funky, practical, wearable art. Check out her website. Her mix n match fabrics have a real feminist appeal. Here’s a couple from her website to give you an idea ~ 




Filberg Top Five #5: EarthElf Upcycled clothing. Some VERY fun clothes & an adorable website. Vancouver Island based designer “Handcrafted upcycled textiles for your inner Elf”. Yeah Upcycling! We saw it a lot this year at the festival and this designer did a really colourful thoughtful job of it. I wish I was 12. I would have rocked ALL of her stuff. Please see her website for clothing ideas.  

Hope you enjoyed my Filberg Festival Top Five Picks and don’t forget to Make Something Every Day.


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