Thrift store scores!



Major cabin fever set in yesterday. And it rained!!! I agreed to get up on my day off and get on the 8am ferry with my sweety, just so I could have the car! I spent the day doing errands then thrifting in CR, hoping for some creative inspirations.
Above are my finds! Who doesn’t love a bag of clown and barbie heads for 25 cents? Also a ziploc of new zippers for same. Best score was the pottery mug shown. It matches my Tlell bell which…. is also made by bottle and jug pottery! ~ my FAV pottery studio in Tlell, Haida Gwaii! It is stamped “I didn’t go to Expo”. Score for 10 cents! (the Bell came from a thrift store in Kimberley).

Heres an interesting link (& upside down post… classic HG)… Of my fav artists/ studios on Haida Gwaii, including my pottery crush.

As well I’m not sure what era or what I’ll do with it but the green pottery vase is pretty awesome. Thanxs Salal for modelling it (& laying on my chest as i text this entry from bed). Maybe for paint brushes but I’ll research it first.
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