The Mad Housewife



Fantastic, heh? Happy Johnny Cash Day from the Mad Housewife extraordinaire. Laundry & litter & woodstacking inside complete yesterday with some fall garden harvesting.


We have enough kale for the island for the winter, as my husband is not a fan. I tried honey & creole spice with our bbq steak but he didn’t love it. I think you either love or hate Kale. I’m a lover. It’s so damn good for you. Although we didn’t drink Mad Housewife merlot, some fizzy vodka martinis with olives & pickled asparagus were consumed, as we played in the retreat yard in our rubber boots. Ps. I worked on the craftroom unpack / set up for a while so expect crafty posts soon!


Make Something Every Day


One comment on “The Mad Housewife

  1. This is an untruth! I cry foul…bot only did I eat all of MY kale, as I recall I also ate half of yours!! Kale is awesome, don’t let anyone tell you different.

    Xxx ‘the husband’

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