How to stuff a dog… With turkey

Sunny but stormy calls for indoor recess baking. What to make today? Turkey, carrot, roasted garlic dogbones. Yum! I froze all the would-be gravy and bits of skin and innards from our recent feast.

20111111-150027.jpg ingredients: turkey skin, giblets, turkey pieces (left after boiling bones for stock), fat, would-be gravy liquids~ food processed, carrots & roasted garlic & parsley ~ food processed, baking powder & soda, whole wheat flower, oats, farm eggs, love.



20111111-150700.jpg I made two baking sheets of cookies & froze them. Left a glass jar of them on the counter for current treats. I froze two ziplocs of dough balls for the baking at another date (or to make as Xmas presents). Then I…

20111111-150829.jpg made a turkey loaf for the dog. All the same ingredients, baked for an hour. It turned out amazing and the house smells delicious. The loaf is twice the size shown in photo. First impression from eager dog Amos? He almost bit my fingers off.
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