Open her heart, let her life blood flow (or) The great Canadian railroad trilogy


“I have trouble with some of the high notes these days. But yah know… I just don’t care!” and the crowd went crazy, clapping & cheering. I’m not experienced in flaunting music reviews (I will be next month on my new blog. Stay tuned…) but I DO want to brag about the best concert I’ve seen in years… GORDON LIGHTFOOT!!

My sweetheart of a husband granted my birthday wish, from last month, on Sunday night ~ to see Gord perform in Vancouver on his final tour! The sold out audience at the Centre for Performing Arts reflected how admired he is. We were in the 2% that were not over the seniors discount but we didn’t care. As I sat there, tears down my face pretty much the whole time, clapping & singing along to fav after fav, I stamped it no erasies ~ Mr. Lightfoot is my favorite Canadian. I was jealous of his back up musicians (new guitarist was out-standing btw).

Once he got warmed up, by song 3 he announced “my adrenaline is going!” & he was glorious! As a spry 73 year old, he played all of our favs and never once gave the impression of being a washed out Mick Jager who “needed” to perform to pay debts. He kept saying “we love the work”! He nailed the Trilogy, Sundown & Minstrel. Standing, screaming ovations ~ Canadians cheering as though at a Stanley cup game, not a theatre setting & 2 encores were sensational! From his red velvet jacket to his patent white shoes, Mr. Lightfoot was his classy self. I’m totally crushing on him now. There will be more gushing of this concert when I can figure out how to post the video snippets my love captured for you all.

My heart is beating faster while typing this! I felt my fingers burn to pick up my guitar, that has been ignored for the better part of a decade.
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