Sexy meatloaf photography


Don’t tell anyone ~ feminists make meatloaf. It’s true. Here’s the evidence. Yesterday, while my sweety was off- island, I wore my wedding gift, Martha Stewart apron & made a meatloaf. Several actually. Not only did I attempt to follow a recipe & make meatloaf for the first time in my adult life… But it was a recipe FROM a Martha Stewart magazine! Ps. The magazine selection @ the ferry terminal sucks! To be fair to myself, I only got excited because the recipe makes them in the cupcake pan! Here’s the recipe & my attempts to make photographing meatloaf.. Sexy.
Funny how the magazine recipe Photo doesn’t show the leakage mess.


20111203-093530.jpg Review?: “fun shape, mostly good but needed TUMS.”
I went for the Mexican version, adding organic pineapple salsa & chilli powder to the top thumbprint. But as usual, I made them waaaaay too hot. So I added sour cream to serve, with little tomatoes & mint leaves. Instead of cheese whizz (Jeez), I used real shredded cheddar & nutty whole grain bread instead of boxed stuffing (or is it called “dressing”… Corey?).
Make Something Every Day


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