Crushing on an old growth painting



This is the painting I was MOST thrilled to see at the Filberg Festival in Comox. See my blog posts in August 2010 ~with my new in-law womyn! This weekend, I had the pleasure of staying at The Old House Village & Oh Spa in Courtenay with Jackie & Aren (“taxi!”) for girls weekend. Thank-you womyn, love you.
And guess what was in their Lobby!? It’s 3 inches deep of moss & paint & deserves better lighting than their set up but… WOW! I’d give an appendage to own this painting or have Monk’s skill. She too, has clearly been impacted by the fabulous Emily Carr. She is a huge fan of having community paint with her on large canvases & is a generous community supporter.

20111218-214352.jpg Make Something Every Day


2 comments on “Crushing on an old growth painting

  1. This is beautiful! I looked at her blog, sounds like a pretty amazing artist.

    Where did all those posts go about going south?

    Hope you had a lovely girls’ night!!

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