Go touch an elephant! Happy New Year 2012


Happy New Year 2012 blogger friends! Our family matriarch Liz & my late Nana were in Thailand a few years ago (?) and got this elephant. They touched a real elephant as that brings good luck and prosperity! My husband and I touched this sweet elephant tonight! C’mon prosperity!
We also went to a lovely potluck that taught us 2 Finnish traditions. We chose 3 tea cups with items under them. I chose bread (abundance), a cork (celebrations) & a pink piece of string (baby girl). Omg. My husband got the blue string … So twins are the order fir next year. Yeah, right.
We then went outside to a lovely campfire. Over the fire, we each boiled tin on big spoons. We flipped it into a pail of water. The shape that comes out tells your fortune for the year. Here’s mine:


20111231-224108.jpg What do you think it looks like!? What are your new year creative goals & hopes? I’ll be in my jammies tomorrow & let you know all about mine.

Happy New Year Blog friends. All the best health & love & creativity. And Thanks for a great year of MAKING SOMETHING EVERY DAY~ I’ll be here every day in 2012 & announce my new blog tomorrow!


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