Gluten-free ~fad or awesome? is a website to check out! It’s our framework & support for this month’s gluten-free challenge!

My husband and I trying being Gluten-free for 30 days in May! It seems everyone’s doing it. I completed the wild rose 12 day detox just before it. See previous posts. So I was already open to education, change etc..

What am I gaining from being gluten free for a month?
Bloating gone. The veins in my feet and an ab or two were spotted.
A newfound relationship and I might even say “love” for quinoa, chick peas…
Got into the great and cheaper habit of packing a lunch and snacks to work every day! It isn’t hard to do actually, as we got into other good habits like making extras on big meals on the weekend. My husband has a love affair with glass Pyrex so that met his needs. Lol.
As well, packing Lunches & snacks helped me realize & measure my work / commute energy (or lack there of if I ate out at lunch~ junk).
Wheat Belly Book excerpts were interesting and make sense.
Less beer is likely a good idea. But Boo.
Some weight loss. -a belt hole for sure.
New recipes. More ethnic goods and spices!
Lifestyle changes as opposed to diets.. Hurray for us & week three of being gluten-free.
Here’s some stuff I made this week: more dehydrated apples, satsuma oranges & kiwis. Trail mix curried nuts with raw soybeans, sunflower seeds, almonds, dried kiwis, apples, pears & pineapples. the vij’s curry chick pea recipe.




What’s your experience or thoughts about choosing a gluten-free lifestyle! Please share your comments. Xo.

Make Something Gluten-free Every Day


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