Blue sea sky Haida Gwaii blog. You should follow it. Just sayin.

This is a fabulous blog by a great writer, on my favourite island, that I used to reside on ~ in the north pacific of Canada. Enjoy.

blue sea sky

A lot of my day revolves around the kitchen table, really. (And this is ironic, I suppose, because I don’t even have an actual kitchen table at the moment!) But you know what I mean. A good many hours of my day’s work are accomplished at the counters and chopping boards, over the stove, minding the oven, and hands in hot soapy water at the kitchen sink.

And right here beside me, on the kitchen floor, my daily trek over the years is visibly etched. The enamel paint has worn right through to bare wood from sink, to stove, to fridge, to chopping board. Epic marathons are traced in these grooves.

No matter how smart I might get to thinking I am, or how puffed up I might get about doing “important work,” at the end of my day, there I am … chopping those carrots, scrubbing the potatoes, and…

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