Recurring Ikea dreams


Here I am once again. Am I dreaming!? Non. I’m standing in front of the newest Ikea in north America, in Richmond, BC. 6 mins from the Van airport. They constructed a brand new one on the lot of the old one – which was half demolished and looked more like an Ikea terrible anxiety nightmare I might have had.

I have a mitt full of recurring dreams. A fav is the “I think I live in a city big enough that there’s an ikea but small enough that I can walk there when I’m upset” dream. It’s true. I have someone walking with me & I eventually let them know I’m going, they can join me, a magical blue oversized plastic ikea shopping bag appears on my arm and off I go. I see the outside of the simply gorgeous blue building but never go in. I just know it’s there. And there’s bushes all around it.

We are a shameless Hemnes family. I won’t dress each room in my eventual dream home page by page but you’re lying if you don’t admit the green mammot furniture doesn’t make your ovaries burn. Or is that just me, seriously? Lol.

End of April, the new Richmond store opened and is massive. It didn’t serve alcohol & there was no pet section. Otherwise same ‘ol. I’ll stick to the one near my in laws in new Westminster, thank-you. And yes, even with an suv full of camping stuff from 4 days of wilderness, we managed to squeeze in a few tea lights & other small retail therapy items. My husband and my recurring dreams rock.

Ps. I swear our thing a day for 30 days in May purge x 2 post ~will be awesome when I get home Sunday! 3 more days in Van & I’m hoping to thrift, get more vintage records for my record blog, score cheap art supplies/ craft inspirations.
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