The Hemnes family

Another successful Ikea trip to port coquitlam! It wouldn’t be a trip to the city if we didn’t eat at amazing restaurants and strap something to the roof! Corey got Fluevogs! I got some gems at true value vintage & Corey commissioned a new bracelet for me @ the Wikinninish gallery, as the ocean took mine in Mexico! I’m so lucky. We ate at Mcd’s (i know right? Lol), Malaysian at Banana Leaf, had fresh croissant, an Indian lunch buffet on Robson, treats at Granville Island market, dinner on the ocean in Cole Harbour (salmon), lovely desserts and wine and a famous Drummond breakfast. Honourable mention to white-spot sweat potatoes fries on the ferry… Laughing.
Signature Swedish meatball & mac n cheese (awesome though not as good as Kate’s) was enjoyed! This time at my fav store, we chose wisely and used gift certificates to bring home a Hemnes wood book shelf. Our first one. Who knew nesting could be so fun!? Of course it monsoon rained then tornado’ed for our drive home and really wavy ferry crossing! Great visit with Corey’s family & city spoiled again. It’s always a bonding experience to put together ikea furnishings.
Make Something Every Day!




you big taRt


That’s “TaRt” with a Canadian east coast hard R, that I love so much. Tonight my gorgeous new husband was a huge help with my thing-a-day. Thanxs to him for making the tart crusts, poring my wine & keeping me motivated. We made two kinds of tarts from my new tart recipe book. First was a Thai smoked salmon and dill tart and the second was a left-over chocolate fondue / toblerone ganache tart with a cocoa shell. The salmon tarts we devoured in seconds *yum* and the chocolate fondue one is cooling in the fridge. They will be a late night snack… or breakfast. We both promise to start working out tomorrow. I’m really getting into the hang of this making a  thing a day (holding tummy).





Xmas potluck times


The potluck Xmas season is officially open. Starting at work (for those of us that haven’t already done five daycare ones, Aren!) this week was the potluck for our mens group & their families. It consisted of all the lovely cheese and bread and fried foods and sugar goodies, that I don’t currently eat or bake.
So this year, I made what I do best. Dogbones. I stood at the door as they filed out and handed out ziplocs of organic turkey & carrot dogbones cut into candy canes, gingerbread men & stars. And yes Corey, I had a few cubes of cheese and a chicken wing!


puppets in sheepskin


this is pretty nuts & kind of wacky volume wise. Some anti-terrorist message on youtube that I stumbled across. He has a series of these. I didn’t know the definition of sheepskin in terms of education. What do you think?

I’ve got a growing file of youtube weirdnesses, so i’m going to figure out to put a tab on this BLOG just for a weekly video review. enjoy*



madmen beautiful womyn

Well for someone that has never really been a cable person (I’m a CRAFTY person!) ~ I find myself really loving the whole PVR thing. That and the 50 inch TV and other tech bobbles, that the fiance successfully nudged us into getting (nudge nudge.. he IS pretty cute).

I can’t for the life of me remember when shows are on but I do love the odd shows like MADMEN, GLEE (don’t deny yourself this show), HUNG, lately TLC wedding Friday nights. I’m pleasantly surprised at Hoarders and Obsessed, though terribly American and staged. So, the PVR is wicked. Also for taping movies on IFC and HBO, in HighDef of course. Most of these terms are new to me as well. Don’t get me started on the PS3 game thing. Though a girl does love her FOOFLES (best game ever= Happy Big Planet – did I say it right Corey? lol ~new edition out soon! ).

So lately anything on HBO HD has been pretty great but the best show going in my feminist opinion is MADMEN on AMC. I think it’s in season 3 and you can watch previous episodes for free on the AMC website to get all caught up. But you could really just start watching now. It’s won all the awards blahblah. Last week was an outstanding  peek at the pre-women’s movement when womyn were oppressed as much as Black folks were in the workforce. Peggy argued, even more so. And the hot redhead finally slept with Roger Sterling. C’mooooon. Everybody loves a hot redhead.

I love the style of this show. The clothes, especially all the furnishings.  There was that  facebook app for creating your own avatar (profile type photo)


and now this !

Winter storm weather is now here so less TV and more


(other than Sunday nights on HBO)

Quadra Island garage sale SCORES!! Happy Johnny Cash Day !

It’s naptime by the fire, with Salal. After attending a really huge, kick ass, annual, by donation ~ garage sale at the Rec Centre today (sponsoring a pre-school in the Phillipines) & some serious domestic stuff.. I’m pooped. There were hundreds of people there. If you know where we live.. That’s a lotta folks. I was not the only girl in rubber boots & a skirt.
We scored:
~pottery mugs (yeah Kate)
~a Peter Paul & Mary lp I didn’t have
~a big box of costume 80s jewels (yeah clip on plastic earrings),
~a couple Scotish mohair scarves & 2 from India,
~a cable knit traditional cream cardigan adorned with deer bone buttons
~a gorgeous silk muummu that I intend to make into a sundress (I’m not giving up on summer yet)
~Corey got a chainsaw.
All in all, a really local, creative day.

I put homemade Snapper dogbones in a jar for the downstairs neighbours Jack Russell that moves in tonight!


Happy Johnny Cash Day from the team

Happy Johnny Cash Day from the team, on an indoor recess kind of stormy day. The woodstove is blazing and the ocean is super choppy with fog. Loons crying out front. Stay warm everyone! And MAKE SOMETHING EVERYDAY!

Wa Wa Kie Pinapple Salsa day!

It was annual Salsa making day. My canned pinapple salsa was a screaming hit last summer, mostly with Corey (because we didn’t share much of it), so I went for it again this year.

Canning supplies were purchased at the mega supercentre evil but cheap Walmart in CR (thanks dad for gift cards!). I think I added too much vinegar.. But I’m waiting for the man to get home from camp to try it first! Water bath canning is easy enough – I watched about 5 diff YouTube videos for tips. I’m a visual learner so I find it and the how to page (see my links) really helpful. I’m ready to learn to can Salmon -nudge nudge Corey we need salmon! Salsa results to come, stay tuned!

The inspiration book

Today’s posting is brought to you from the car deck of the ferry. Sunny & gorgeous day to head to Courtenay for 2 work going away lunches. Nudge- which means more room for clients in my practice.

This inspiration book is a HUGE older journal that I’ve used for 10 years +. Its super heavy. Kitten is in the photo for scaling purposes but comes free with art purchase. I cut n paste mag / book / art card images and print colour photos from a huge folder of online art thumbnails that I collect over time. Sketches & ideas for projects!
(update on wordpress iPhone app= great, other than no edit photo option to rotate! Or I haven’t found it).


Hanging out the wash, hoping it isn’t going to rain

Newfoundland artist art card, from the Battery. From Kate & my trip a few years ago now. After 2 months, it rained yesterday and last night. Sweet smell.
Hanging out the Wash, Hoping it isn’t Going to Rain ~ fav song by my friend’s band In Her Sweet Time (but I think they have broken up now).

(posted on BC ferries, in the sun)

iPhone love. I mean… Greenhouse love

this posting is a real time nerd out from my greenhouse…

All done on my iPhone. I’m like a flippen MAC girl commercial. (why aren’t MAC commercials girls, anyway? That’s my only beef).

Photos taken on iphone and uploaded to the BLOG, while balancing a cider on the hammock beside me.

The greenhouse is a bigger story but here’s me, taken moments ago while sewing a second batch of lettuce and beans. It’s great to plant during a fullmoon, I think?


update to my update- attempts to nerd out actually failed! There was no “upload photos” feature when using the iPhone in Safari for the BLOG. And the touch pad was impossibly small.
So I saved the post as a draft.
Then, wouldn’t you know it, today, I see a new “download iOS wordpress” app at bottom of screen. Further investigation… It’s an app that addresses this! So 3 secs of downloading and I’m typing this post from the iPhone (from my bed). Lord knows what it will look like published and there are still no font or colour options. But nerdy, yes.

the baking of dogbones.. or How much I love my dog.

tandoori smoked salmon dog bones

Snapper and parsley dogbones

here's what a snapper looks like! Caught in Klemtu, BC this spring. The model is pretty cute as well.

Kate asked about my dog bone recipes. The new addition to the Turner clan is a real sweetheart. Abby. See photo below.

I have no recipe per say.. everything is human edible and organic as much as possible. I  like the idea of buying food locally, so always get eggs up the street etc or stuff from my garden.

Ingredients are as follows:

-fish (I use whatever is on rotation for going bad in freezer. Corey catches it while in camp, up north. Smoked salmon or Snapper or  pink salmon etc.. next ones are going to be stay tuned in September!).

-2 eggs

-organic whole wheat flour

-non fat milk (tiny bit if too dry)

-fresh herbs: PARSLEY… like handfuls for sure for their breathe.

-garlic. Lots. Good for dogs & they LOVE it. See Parsley.

-organic carrots usually for a veg

-baking powder or soda..honestly i never remember which does what, but you probably know.

I use the fish as the liquid to add to the dry. I tend to break a blender while mixing  the fish,  it’s juice, the carrots, garlic and parsley. (See new Slap Chop Posting).

Add liquid to dry, mix, add love.

Pam a baking sheet. Find the coolest cutters you can. my dinosaur cutters are the best! (I also use them for fried eggs). Roll out your dough. I usually freeze half, as I always make too much to bake in an evening. Cut your cookies.

I bake them at 405 for less than 20 mins (flipping half way), until brown. Don’t overcook or they are too chewy… though Amos has never once complained.

Feedback from dogfolk that I usually give frozen ziplocs of dogbones too? “it’s like crack for my dog” “very rich”.

They last a week in a glass jar before molding.

((I’m sure I’ve missed something in the recipe but I’ll thank Kate for making me post / write my first recipe ever..and it was for Amos..xo)).

Abby. The Turner's new addition.